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Cuttlefish from Al Thakeera by gbsolanzo


Bill V D Westhuizen - 03/06/2019 09:28
What do you do with the cuttlefish apart from bait?
Karyn Duel - 03/09/2019 00:53
Yum, eat it!
Karyn Duel - 03/09/2019 00:56
Karyn Duel - 03/09/2019 01:00
I haven't personally cooked cuttlefish however based on the above recommendations, if it's similar to octopus I find boiling it for 1 hour will make it nice and tender
Mark Totzke - 03/13/2019 19:33
I'd think that they probably taste pretty similar to squid, right? - 03/26/2019 05:42
Boiled for an hour ? Must taste like sole, (from your shoe !)
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